Spring 2023: The clubhouse is currently under a design renovation. Expecting to be complete by June. During this time, there will be limited times of food service and menu options. Call 3’s to to enquire about any menu and service times. 

Warm hospitality, top-quality food and a diverse menu of fun drinks sit at the cornerstone of 3’s—the flavors are bold and the prices are reasonable.
3’s serves up fresh and delicious food from the grill and an outdoor smoker—everything from mouth-watering burgers to pulled pork sandwiches. The flavors are bold and the prices are reasonable, with something to please everyone.
We have fun with our “libations and temptations,” offering a wide array of golf-themed cocktails. The “3’s Freeze,” for example, is a refreshingly slushy rosé; the “Rye Smash” is a lemon-mint whiskey drink, and the “3’s Transfusion” is a lime-grape-ginger twist on the vodka-based classic.

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