Great Time Golf

3’s is a new kind of golf destination built purely for FUN. Our completely walkable, illuminated Par 3 course is an ideal setting
for a gloriously relaxed day out – or night out! – with family and friends. What sets us apart? Our super laid-back atmosphere
guarantees an intimidation-free experience for all skill levels. Keep your drink full and listen up for your favorite tunes as you
play 12 holes on natural grass…. or practice your putting on our “humps and bumps” course. 3’s is perfect for families, friends,
date nights, group events – you name it. Best of all – you’ll finish playing in about 90 minutes, which means more time to
hang at our newly renovated Grubhouse, where you can grab a juicy burger, an ice-cold drink, and some stylish merchandise.
Expect to be pleasantly surprised by the culinary journey that awaits you. At 3’s, we boast the best golf and premium food
and beverage offerings. Our passion for flavor is as strong as our dedication to a GREAT TIME GOLF – promising a delightful
fusion of tastes that will leave you wanting more. Get your crew together, reserve your tee time, and get excited.

Easy. Breezy. Threesy.

3’s features lighted, 12-hole par-3 golf, with adjacent practice areas, an 18-hole putting course, and other golf-related attractions. Lively music and bar and restaurant amenities provide a laid-back, high-quality dining experience that adds to the fun. Justin Timberlake (Iconic singer, songwriter, producer, and actor) & 8 AM Golf are pleased to announce their investment in 3’s, an innovative new concept in golf entertainment that combines accessible Par-3 golf with cutting-edge hospitality and entertainment amenities for golfers and non-golfers alike. 3’s was founded in 2019 by restaurant and hospitality specialist Davis Sezna, with the first location opening in Greenville, South Carolina in 2020. “The 3’s concept is one I’m extremely excited about,” said Justin Timberlake. “Making golf more accessible, less intimidating, and more fun is a passion of mine, and that’s exactly what 3’s accomplishes with its 12-hole, par-3 layout and its relaxed, ‘all are welcome’ vibe.”

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3’s General Manager Keith Perkins at 864.233.6336
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General Manager: Keith Perkins
3’s Golf
61 Villa Road
Greenville, SC, 29615

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Davis Sezna

Visionary Leaders


As a creator, owner, and operator, Davis has spent over 40 years imagining and creating hospitality concepts and building operational teams to deliver successful restaurants, golf courses, and comprehensive food and beverage amenities. His extensive experience includes bringing over 50 unique concepts to life, recognizing the opportunities, and overseeing the operations. He has provided guidance and operational management consulting services to various upscale operations; a few noteworthy entities include Merion Golf Club, Winged Foot Golf Club, and The Cloister at Sea Island. Pine Valley, Seminole, Eagle Point, and Cliffs Communities.

8AM Golf

8AM Golf owns various golf brands and employs the industry’s brightest business and creative minds. With expertise in golf course architecture and construction, golf-specific business development, branding, and content creation, 8AM Golf and partner Justin Timberlake are investing in projects that make the sport more accessible – Hence the investment in the 3’s concept. 


Justin embodies effortless cool and is a globally recognized tastemaker. Widely known as an entertainer, Justin’s passion for golf nearly matches his passion for the arts. As a partner of 8AM Golf, Justin wants to invest in projects that help the sport become more accessible. His vision will significantly impact the 3’s vibe.

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